Getting pregnant after taking the pills

Published: 31st May 2011
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Becoming a mother is a dream that every woman cherishes. Consciously or unconsciously she always knows that being a mother is the biggest joy in the world and motherhood is the experience which is a gift to women. So if after some years of marriage a woman is not getting pregnant then it becomes a matter of concern for her. Normally after women take birth controlled pills for some time to avoid pregnancy and enjoy the marital bliss. But in case you take it regularly it can affect your periods and can affect pregnancy in an adverse way. If you are not getting pregnant because of these complications, then there are ways to getting pregnant after the pill. Knowing your body well is necessary to ensure safety and to avoid adverse effects. You should be checked by a doctor before taking any birth control pills. After consulting a good doctor you can take pills that the doctor has prescribed

There are some steps you will have to undergo for getting pregnant after the pill. Firstly you need to stop taking the pills. After you stop taking the pills your periods will start getting regular. But because every woman has different ovulation cycle; in some cases ovulation will begin within weeks after stopping the birth control pill, in others it could start in several months and some think that getting pregnant right after you stop taking the pill could lead to a higher chance of miscarriage. This is entirely untrue and scientists have proved that there is no relationship between getting pregnant after the pill and the miscarriage. There is no difference between trying to get pregnant after the pill and trying to get pregnant in normal circumstances.

Always make sure that you have intercourse on your fertile days. They are days where you can get pregnant past. Getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child involves utmost care. You should stop smoking if you are a smoker some months prior to getting pregnant. Also consume more nutritional products and don’t take much stress. It will be very beneficial to visit your doctor if you're planning to get pregnant; they can help with the plan for stopping the pills and offer you necessary health advice on how to get ready for your pregnancy. It will be of great for getting pregnant after the pill.

Many women get pregnant right after they stop taking the pills and there are also women who take longer to get pregnant. They don't have to worry if they're not getting pregnant as quickly as the others. Not everyone’s body is the same and everything depends on the hormones and other factors. You may be surprised but there are many cases where women don't take birth control pills and still take more than a year to conceive. So there is no reason to be anxious as getting pregnant after the pill is quite possible and you need not lose your sleep over it.

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